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Think big. print big

The First Affordable and best large format 3D Printer for Professionals

OPTIMUS P1 is a game changer of large format 3D Printers. It is exciting to see what creative people can CREATE when they have freedom of printing.

Check out Simon's creation by OPTIMUS P1. We offered him one of our prototype machines. More projects are coming he told us, stay tuned to his channel.   

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Huge print size 


Free you 3D printing. 

Never cut and glue big prints. 

1 OPTIMUS P1 = 32.6 PRUSA I3




Print strong engineering parts

Material: Carbon Fiber Nylon 

Layer height: 0.2mm

Print speed: 65mm/s

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Nozzle temperature: 245°C

Bed temperature: 100°C

90cm BUDA

Layer height: 0.8mm

Contour: 2

Infill: 0%


Print time: 20 hours

Material: PLA 3KG

1.1 meter Bowling

Layer height: 0.8mm

Contour: 2

Infill: 0%


Print time: 16 hours

Material: PLA 2KG

3 In 1 3D Printer
3D Printer Resellers

OPTIMUS P1 the best 3D printers has an innovative modular design. P1 only has 6 modular parts.  All modules of this 3 In 1 3D Printer are designed and engineered for easily assembly. You can start printing from unpack the box in less an hour! Another benefit of modular design is that shipping cost can be dramatically reduced.


OPTIMUS P1 - 3 in 1 3D Printer

Latest posts

3D Printer

OPTIMUS P1 is the game changer of large 3D printer for sale. Because of its innovative design, we can offer high quality industrial 3D printer for sale with affordable price. Big size offers customer another dimension of making. You never need to cut your big print into pieces and spend days to put it together light a puzzle. P1 works with big range of 3D printing materials like PLA, PETG and more. Auto-bed leveling garanteed a perfect first layer print. 


OPTIMUS P1 is not only a 3D printer. Transform your P1 into a Laser engraver/cutter able to engraving beautiful gray photos on wood, engraving logo on even steel surface with our 7w laser head. Safety first when working with laser!


Industrial 3D Printer for Sale

Cable drag chain

Clean and safe cable management

Emergency Stop Push Buttons

3.5 inch touch screen 

SD & USB memory supported

Aviation plug

Industrial standard

Heated bed controller

Heat up the bed upto 100 °C

Optimus 3D Printer for Sale

Precision Linear Rails MGN16 Hiwin

All XYZ axis use industrial grade high standard linear rails for precise and reliable movement

Ball bearing lead screws SFU 1610

Z axis powered by a 57 industrial step motor with precision ball bearing screws for layer heights as small as 1 Microns, which provides extremely high resolution prints. 

Customized Mold of Aluminum Profiles

Customized Mold of

Aluminum Profiles

Switch between 3D Printer head and Laser head in 5mins

Switch between 3D Printer head and Laser head in 5mins

Industrial grade wheels for easy movement

Industrial grade wheels for easy movement
CNC 3D Printer for Sale
3D Printer CNC Laser Cutter
Large Format 3D Printer

Fully Enclosure Housing

Optional Fully closed enclosure made of 1.5mm aluminum sheet and acrylic door. The fully closed housing combined with heated bed offers you the possibility print more types of materials. The enclosure gives more safe and lower noise. The transparent front doors, with two separated open allow you to monitor the printing process any time. With enclosure, air filter can be added to P1 as a option. 



Machine Dimensions - 85 x 90 x 150 cm

Power Supply - 110v/220v MeanWell with output of 24V/16A 

Interface - 3.5inch touch screen

85 x 90 x 170 cm (with wheels,Filament


110x 90 x 200 cm (with enclosure)

Machine Weight - 75kg

Package Dimensions - 90 x 155 x 20 cm

Motors - NEMA 17 1.2A, 1.8 step angle for XY, Dual NEMA 23 2.0A, 1.8 step angle for Z. NEMA17 0.6A for Extruder; TMC 2208 Quit Stepper Drivers.

130kg(with enclsoure)

Connection - Supplied SD card, USB Memory supported

Frame - All 6061 aluminum body, customized mold profiles

Electronics - MKS GEN V1.4 with Custom Marlin Firmware

Motion - MGN16 linear guide rails for X, Y, Z axis

Drive system - 15mm GT2 timing belt for X, Y axis, SFU1610 ball bearing lead screw for Z axis

3D Printer

FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling Printing technology

Print bed - Anodised aluminium with heated bed upto 100 ℃

Build Volume - 60 x 60 x 110 cm

Layer Resolution - 0.05 mm to 0.8 mm (dependent on nozzle size)

Bed Leveling - Fully auto bed leveling with inductive sensor on 25 point mesh, BLtouch optional for glass bed

Nozzle - 0.4, 0.8, 1.2 mm nozzles

Filament diameter - 1.75mm

Fully closed enclosure - Optional 1.5mm aluminum cover, dual separate front doors.

Print head - 24V 60W heater, NHC 100K thermistor

Part cooling - 5020 blower fan

Extruder - Direct drive geared extruder


Laser Type - Diode laser

Spectrum - 450 nm

Working Volume - 60 x 60 cm

Materials - WOOD, Leather, Anodlized Alumium and many more

Head Weight - 0.5kg

Focus length - 25mm

Power - 2W (Included); 7W (Optional)

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